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Fairouz - A Queen in Las Vegas

The preparations

Fast Facts

 The concert was held in the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on the 15th of May '99.
 The tickets were sold for: $50, $75, $150 and $300.
There was no tour, Ziad didn't go and there originally were 10,000 tickets for sale.
 The songs performed:
Instrumentals: National American and Lebanese anthems and Abu Ali (Ali was cut from the video)
First segment: Dhawi Yahal Andeel, Atem Ya Layl, Taree' Elnahl and Nassam Alyna Elhawa.
Choir: Haddouni (from Jisr Elamar) and Khayef Koun Eshetek (from Ziad's Sahryie).
Second segment: Ya Ana Ya Ana, Ahwak and Aetini Enay.
Choir: Daloni Ala Enayn Esood (cut from the video) and Ya Bent Elmeawen (both from Ziad's Sahryie).
Third Segment: Mawal Ana Wenta, Ya Henayna, Laylii Betrja Ya Layl, Ya Jisran Khashabian and Sanarjiou Youman.
Fourth Segment: Irjaay Ya Alf Layla, Ya Laylo Esabo, Law Kan Qalbi and Ya Man Hawa.
Instrumental: Sa'aloni Enas.
Choir: Qases Wara'a (from Nas Men Waraa/cut from the video) and Tallou El Siyadi (from Rings for Sale).
Fifth Segment: Arrab Elmoued, Nehna Welamar Jiran, Is'har, Kifk Inta, Khedni and Oudak Ranan.
Sixth Segment: Aa Hadir Elbosta, Lama Elamar Ghab, Iza Elard Medoara, Oghniat Elwada'a and Zorouni.

The Concert

here is the whole concert in case the above video doesnt work http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XODU1MDE4NzI=.html

 Alhayat says 16 thousand and Assafir says 12 thousand people attended the concert. Regardless of that, the concert was originally intended for 10 thousand fans. How can one explain this? Fairuz broke the record she set for herself in mere two days when the MGM Grand changed concert plans and expanded the arena to its full capacity. People came from all over the world to attend the concert. A lot have said they first heard about it from the Internet. That was one thing I liked very much because I hope this site has helped with it. The song titles and more information about the concert can be found in the articles which are now accessible from the special's general information section. But what's most notably great was the presence of Assy and Mansour through all the classics she performed, Ziad through the musical introduction and Kifk Inta and Nasri Shameseddine through Haddouni which the choir performed. That was not just a concert.
 On the back page of Assafir newspaper, there was an update of the concert. It's going to be a success! Not that I questioned it, but the ticket prices and the location ... Anyway MGM asked for Fairuz's permission to open the arena to it's maximum capcity because there's an enormous pressure on the ticket sales which I hope this site has helped in. Read the article in Arabic.
 Fairuz leaves tomorrow (Sunday) for Las Vegas on the Middle East airliner. Maestro Mike Haro, who conducted her recent concerts, will accompany Fairuz in her trip as well as 24 musicians, 10 choir singers, technicians and managers, all totaling 42 persons. She has made interviews with both the Los Angeles Times and the New York Times newspapers. She has been rehearsing for a week now. Please contact me if you have access to the interviews. You can also check the article in the general information and promotional material part of the special. Source: Assafir 5/8
 MGM fixed the seating capacity of the stage for a maximum audience of 10,000 seats not 16,000, by Fairouz's request.
 Ziad will not join Fairuz to Las Vegas.
 There will NOT be any tour. It's one concert like it's being advertised. If the technical issues are quickly settled in Las Vegas, It's being thought to produce, with MGM grand, some promotional items as commemorative memorabilia. Unfortunately, it seems already short on time for this to happen, so all you folks going to the concert, start praying.
 To all those still having second thoughts about attending the concert. What's wrong with you? If you are not 100% sure that you will attend other future concerts, can you tolerate forsaking seeing Fairuz in concert? It's not easy to make a concert every year in the States and it can be a long time before Fairuz returns there. The last time she was there was years and years ago and the next one can be years and years away, if it was even considered. It's not late to buy yourself a ticket but it can be very soon. If you've never been to Las Vegas, it can be an interesting experience. With all the colors and lights of the city and then attending the Fairuz concert, the experience can be too surreal that if not for the photos you're going to take, you may question if it was only a dream. One that will linger in your memories forever. Don't waste anymore time. Really.
 Just to clear something out, the news on the American tour is not confirmed. Add to that MGM is advertising the Las Vegas concert as a one historic performance. It seems logical that there will be more than one concert as it is cheaper to produce and guaranteed to succeed. However, to be on the safe side, anyone planning to see Fairuz should attend the Las Vegas concert. Again, no need to remind everyone that the tickets have been on sale for more than a week now and that the concert has been advertised about in major American newspapers, so it's wise to buy tickets now, if you plan to attend the concert. This week you can get to see the seating configuration as well as the press release of Fairuz's concert. There is also a scanned ad from Los Angeles Times of the concert.
 Fairuz's upcoming concert in Las Vegas is closing in. The May 15 will be marked as the greatest day of 99 by loyal Fairuz fans in North America and the concert as the greatest event to end this century. She will perform in the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. The arena can hold up to 16000 seats. The tickets are on sale and they are going fast, after all it's only one concert (that I know is confirmed). The tickets prices are set at $50, $75, $150, $300. For ticket sales call toll free 1- 877- 984-7263 or 702- 891-7777. Information on Fairuz's concert at the MGM site. Information of the Arena, Concert Configuration of the arena and the Schedule of the upcoming concerts including Fairuz's. The promotion is starting up and as Ammar has posted on the message board, there was an ad in the New York Times of the concert. Thanks Ammar. Will post follow-ups when become available throughout the week.

General Information + Promotional Material

 MGM Concert Press Release.
 Seating Configuration.
 LBC's pre-concert report (realvideo).
 LBC's pre-concert documentary (contains pictures and media files).
 Radio Advertisements: Arabic Version & English Version(Special thanks to Arab Dreamer.)
 The Concert's Promotional Material: The Concert Poster (current/original).
 The Concert's Promotional Material: The Concert Poster 2 (temporary poster).
 Assafir article about the concert. (5/8/99)
 Assafir article about the concert. (5/15/99)
 Assafir article about the concert. (5/17/99) CONCERT DETAILS
 Alhayat article about the concert. (5/17/99) CONCERT DETAILS
 Yet another article about the concert. (5/17/99) CONCERT DETAILS - PICTURES
 New York Times article by Neil MacFarquhar. - CONCERT DETAILS - PICTURE (off site link)
 Beirut Times article on Fairuz.
 Beirut Times article on the Las Vegas concert.
 Featured Advertisements: Concert Advertisement (Color) and Los Angeles Times.
 Concert Pictures: Fairuz in white and in yellow. And a newly added picture in white and yet another picture.
 An autographed photo of Fairuz.
 The special booklet from the concert.
 Personal Experiences.
 Click here to visit an off site link that contains some concert pictures.

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